Breaking Out of Social Media Life - Entering NTSC/PAL

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Is He’s crazy?

There comes a time when you have to reconstruct the construct program of the matrix. Why? Because there’s a glitch in the code. Expansion and perception is the name of the game. The way we deal with many circumstances in life depend heavily on how we perceive them. So here’s my view of Social Media and how I intend to expand beyond it.

Why would I leave something that has aided me since I decided to work with it? During a year when everyone is rushing to start a Social Media career due to loss of work and hope; I’m over here leaving it behind. Why you ask? Well here goes….

The Psychological Conditioning of Social Media

Social Media platforms depend on “Content Creators” to provide highly engaging videos in order for them to survive and justify what they charge their advertisers. Creators therefore are working for them. No matter which way you cut it. That’s ultimately proved by the initiative that YouTube takes to pacify…. sorry I mean pay video makers a cut of the overall revenue for advertisements run on their videos.

Somehow when you get tied up in making Social Media videos it becomes a job. Not only that; You really begin to feel like if you don’t do a great job you’ll get fired! I for one felt obligated to make videos or else I’d let everyone down and eventually they wouldn’t consider my work valuable or engaging!

Did you catch it? You see how that works? Social Media platforms use its viewers to keep its “Content Creators” in check. Craving attention while treading on a hamster wheel with no exit. Conditioning them to produce mindlessly at a high level of efficiency! Now that ‘s just crazy! But that’s how I’ve been seeing it lately. It’s crazy how a platform can make you feel like you need it to feel valuable. On a side note. If any situation in your life is spun in such a way where you feel like you’re helpless with no power. Chances are that you’re actually the one in control and it needs you more than you need it (whatever “it” may be). You’re always in control. From the last B(L)og post you already know that I’m not into doing anything that doesn’t work with my ideals. And because of that the best thing for me to do is to break out of the mental prison that I’ve allowed Social Media to place me in.

Fun fact! It takes about 4-6 hours to create a 10 min high quality YouTube video.

Here's How The Matrix Works Once We’re Jacked In!

I spent the past few weeks just making music - unplugged. It felt great! It’s been amazing! No obligation to post any videos or anything of the sort. I got up every morning, handled my circadian routines and worked on music all day. It sounds crazy but I haven’t been able to do that exclusively for a really long time. There’s always been a bug in my ear reminding me that I had to shoot/edit/post a video at the end of the day.

It sneaks up on you and before you know it you feel obligated to do something that’s not your primary reason for working. Music has taken a back seat to videos. And I can tell you exactly when it happened too! It happened the minute I thought that Social Media would be the vehicle to get myself “Out there! Here’s what can happen if you believe that without exception. You slowly begin to track your progress online. Then the inquisitive compulsive behaviour begins.

How well are my videos doing?

Who’s watching?

How old are they?

Where do they live?

Why does everyone have plants in their videos all of a sudden?

Is there anyone out there copying my blurry camera style?

The list of questions goes on forever! The analytics are truly impressive! After awhile it becomes a game. You find yourself trying to outdo the statistics of your last video. Do you see how the whole ordeal can become an addictive mindless rat race?

Furthermore, here’s another thing. The climate of Social Media really isn’t conducive to what I do. I really want to share information about music by way of samplers. Social Media works best when you provide information that makes the people who consume it feel slightly hopeless but keeps them vacillating between love, lust, envy, hate and appreciation for the projected images that any given piece of content provides.

What does that all mean? In Layman’s terms, Social Media is fit for people who want to experience a concentrated hormonal hit of mixed emotions in a relatively short space of time. Now what else does that remind you of? It’s now easy to see why Social Media can be so addictive.

This Is What It Feels Like

It’s been a ridiculous drain even being associated with that sort of thing. So many people find me online from whatever social path they come from and communicate with me as if I’m part of that social circle and I’m just not part of it. Never have been.

From the very beginning I was seen as out there. First I was the guy who used hardware samplers at a time when everyone was “In The Box”. Then I was the guy whose videos made no sense because I wasn’t coddling… um sorry I mean teaching anyone anything. Now I’m the arrogant self-important recluse.

Well I’m about to get more reclusive because I’m getting off the social grid! And that means putting my content on my own property. Right here at The Daydream Sound website.

Tools of the trade! Recording any video outside? You'll need this!

Oh Really? Well What’s The………….

Q: But Yohance! What difference does it make if you’re making videos here now? You’re still making videos!
A: Glad you asked! The difference is in the perception. I’ll be making videos for me and not YouTube! I like making videos. I want to be accountable to myself for my own content. Not a company other than my own.

Maybe music isn’t…………. Slight Rant To Follow

You know. Here’s one of the most common occurrences in Social Media that goes unaddressed for the most part because of the very nature of Social Media. Everyone is invited to the party. Old, young, newborns, you name it. Anyone with an internet connection and a compatible device can try their hand at what is now referred to as a “Content Creator”. I have no problem with that. It’s a great thing! But what happens when you’re no good at it? What happens when your talent may be in another area of life? This is the tizzy that Social Media has the ultimate solution for. You see if you’re terrible at making content, that’s actually a sought after niche! Remember Social Media is all about perplexing your emotions through what you see. So with terrible content, anyone watching can end up being stimulated in many ways. Someone may say to themselves.

“Well if this “insert terrible content creator here” is willing to make a complete Mule out of themselves online; I can do whatever I want in life without fear! (one of the most intriguing emotions to humans)”

Or they can use that sort of content to make themselves feel better about any current insecurity in their life. You know the old.