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Just got an Ensoniq ASR-10? Don't know where to start? Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with the Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual

Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual


Mirage Beginners Manual Course Image - Website.jpg


The Ensoniq Mirage Beginners Manual is designed to help you understand not only the Ensoniqs' first sampler but the early developments of commercial sampling technology on a whole.

Ensoniq Mirage Beginners Manual


ASR-X Beginners Manual Course Image - Website - Now Available.jpg


One of the most quirky yet amazing drum machines out there; The Ensoniq ASR-X Beginners Manual is designed to help you understand and get the most out of this hybrid drum machine.

Ensoniq ASR-X Beginners Manual


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Learn your way around the Akai S-950. If you’ve got an S-950 or thinking about getting one, this manual will give you everything you need to understand one of the most popular vintage samplers ever made.

Akai S-950 Operational Manual


Akai MPC Manual Thumbnail - Website.jpg


A beginners manual designed to help understand how MPCs' work! It covers the common traits between the Akai MPC60 to 5000.

Whichever standalone MPC you have; you'll be able to easily make your way around it.

Akai MPC Standalone Anatomy Manual


The Carpenters SAW DUST - Thumbnail Website ver 3.jpg


The Carpenters SAW/DUST is a group of waveforms fashioned after the Saw wave in traditional analog synthesizers. Are the waveforms on this disk even SAW waves? Nope! They're Morphing, aggressive, dusty arboreous waveforms that are full of motion and character.

The Carpenters SAW/DUST Manual