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Can Creativity Leave You? - B(L)og 026

Creativity. A never-ending resource. It’s your calling card. You never realize how much you depend on it until it’s gone. But can creativity actually leave you? That’s what we’re going to speak about today.

And by the way. Thanks a million for showing up today! You didn’t have to wake up today. You didn’t have to be part of this world; But you’re here and that’s amazing! Thanks for your presence!

Right, so creativity. Most of the time we worry about being blocked from creativity but I don’t think that we ever consider that it’s creativity itself that takes leave of us. And how could that be? I’ve been thinking about the times when I knew that I didn’t have any creativity anywhere to be found. It literally wasn’t there. Couldn’t find it at all. I wasn’t too concerned about where it went more than why it wasn’t around when I needed it. I thought I was a creative being therefore creativity could never leave. My ego just wouldn’t accept the reality that creativity possibly didn’t come from me. Or maybe it does. Either way; Here’s what I have to say on the matter. Long and short of it is………. Yes! Creativity can and will leave you. Will it do this whenever it feels like it. No! There are circumstances that typically are in play for creativity to ghost you.

But Why?

I suppose to get an idea of why creativity would have a mind to up and cut ties with you, we first must take a look at creativity’s nature. Yes, I’m talking about creativity as if it’s an entity. Leave me be alright!

Anyway. In my observations over the years. Creativity is a pretty well-mannered being. It presents ideas that it believes you should explore, and if you don’t pick up on the offer, it gracefully changes the subject without taking offense. Every now and then it gets a bit assertive when it really thinks you ‘re going to miss out on something special.

All these great mannerisms that creativity has is exactly what causes it to exit stage left and leave you wondering if you did something wrong. Did you offend your personal muse? What did you do?

Yeah What Did I Do?

Well here’s what you did. Whenever there’s something in your life that creativity thinks you’d be better off paying attention to more than making art; Creativity will step aside in an effort to encourage you to handle your business. When you have important matters in your life that you’ve been neglecting or procrastinating with; the urge to be creative will diminish.

So why does this even happen? While you can do creative things even in the most stressful of times, it’s not ideal. We’ve normalized this type of behaviour because the added pressure that stress adds to our lives tends to help us focus on getting things done. While this is true. It comes at a cost. That cost can be anything from a negative impact on your health to simply being less productive than you believe yourself to be.

So, here’s the answer. Creativity wants to be front and centre. It wants you to express yourself in the best way possible and when it feels that it won’t get the best out of you, it will step aside and wait until you sort your life out. That’s it. Nothing earth shattering, just a plain old case of resource management.

What Can I Do?

What can you do to remain creative more often? The answer should be clear at this point. Keep your life in order. Take care of your responsibilities, your health and manage your time responsibly. If you can do this effectively, you can ensure that creativity will keep close to you and be ready for your when you need it.

From a gemstone perspective the crystal Carnelian is a great way to stimulate creativity. Simply wearing it or keeping it in your creative space will aid you in your creative endeavors.

Carnelian. A great stone for creativity.

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