Creativity From A Health Perspective - B(L)og 010

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Well what is going on! Welcome to B(L)og 010. Creativity is as important to us as it unlocks the doors for so many great things. We’re going to look at some general health and diet related things to consider that will help you be your best creatively.

By the way! Glad you’re here!!!

Before we go any further.

Do I think I’m the healthiest person on the planet? No!

Am I here to judge your diet or your health? No!

Am I sharing information that has helped me be more creative? Yes!

What Your Body Requires For An Effortless Creative Environment

The marvel of creative thought is in all of us. When your mind can easily access the unconscious part of your brain (You know, the part that doesn’t over analyze and pick everything apart). When you can easily tap into that and bring all the amazing ideas and resources that reside there into your conscious mind unchallenged; you got a good head start on the process of creative thinking.

Creativity is a state. The easier you can access this state determines how creative you are perceived by comparison. For some it comes in flashes for others it’s there all the time.

Can you improve or enhance your creative potential? I believe so. I’ve done it. In this B(L)og entry we’re going to look at how diet and general health play a role in keeping the creative juices flowing.

Just like the background of this photograph the subconscious mind is vast and undefined. Full of creative ideas. In order to utilize them we have to connect to this area and bring it into focus.

Why Health? How Is It Connected To Creativity?

Your overall well being is married to what you’ll be able to accomplish in this lifetime. Your health is linked to your well-being and what you eat affects the longevity of your physical body and all of its components. What you eat is important. Of course since the human body is amazing it can tolerate almost anything you throw at it. From Potato chips to Narcotics. The body will do its best to keep you functional without complaining too much. But when it reaches it’s breaking point your body will start to give you firm warning signs. Headaches, Skin rashes, Shortness of breath, Colds, Irritably etc. The list goes on. It’s trying to get your attention.

What we do from that point on is up to us. Usually we ingest something to make those warning signs go away in the form of medication. Or we simply ignore them. As time goes on your body begins to realize that you really aren’t too concerned about the source of the problem so it moves on to stage two which is disease! Of course it’s got your attention now but it’s already too late. Now you're stuck with a life long condition that you still probably don’t understand why or how it occurred in the first place. I’ve witnessed this happen to people time and time again.

There’s no real time for creative thought when your body is in a constant state of emergency. This is why health is important.

“But Yohance!!! I know lots of artists who consume narcotics and have poor diets and they’re amazing!”

How many of them are still alive? The historical ratio of artist that live that type of lifestyle isn’t favourable. Furthermore, what I’m saying is that these very artists would be even more amazing if they considered their health as a gateway to creativity rather than other substances.

Typical Substances To Be Aware Of

Sugar - A massive dehydrator/constipator of your colon. And a major challenge for your immune system. Not to mention it’s addictive nature. Refined sugar has been referred to as the most widely distributed drug on the planet.

“But………..bu bu bu bu but Yohance! Sugar is in fruit! What about that huh?!!!!”

Yes, sugar is present in most fruits. The problem is that naturally occurring sugar wasn’t satisfying enough for us. So we took it upon ourselves to cut it, isolated it, refine it and amplify it until it no longer resembled the original. What we are left with is a highly concentrated synthetic chemical that we affectionately call “sugar”. True naturally occurring sugar was never the problem. You’ll never develop diabetes from eating apples.

Caffeine - In my previous life in corporate Canada, many of my co-workers we’re literally incapable of functioning each day unless they had a few cups of coffee/caffeine. Then they would complain that they had chronic insomnia and could never fall asleep at night. So they would consume all types of sleeping aids (mainly alcohol) to help them. Day after day they would repeat this cycle without realizing what the cause was. This in no way is an ideal environment for creative thought.

Alcohol - Alcohol is toxic. Not toxic in the flippant way that we throw that word around today. Toxic in the sense that your body see’s it as poison! It has the ability to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. It doesn’t need to enter your digestive system. This is why over the counter cough and cold medicine often have alcohol in them. So that it can quickly carry the medicine into your system without being digested. The immediate reaction that your body takes to rid itself of being poisoned via your pores/sweating, urination and decreased brain functionality is what you perceive as being drunk! When in reality you’re intoxicated!

What about Meat?

Yeah meat is definitely tough on the body. It really takes a lot of effort and time to digest and even longer to leave the body. Especially in the quantities that we enjoy it today. I’ve spoken to older folk who were alive in a time when mass production of meat wasn’t possible like it is now. When I asked them how often they ate meat they would tell me possibly once a week or every few days and in very small quantities relative to today.

Now I personally don’t eat meat (any animal including fish. I never understood why people don’t consider that meat) but I’m not one to criticize it neither. I think it’s best to have a look at your heritage and the eating habits of your historical family to know what’s best for you. In Canada we have people who live far North and they customarily have had a diet of mainly meat going back over generations without any related health issues.

Your Elimination System (Colon, Skin/Pores, Urinary Tract)

Any long term compromise to any of these will result in what you would call illness. Keep these avenues clean and traffic free. If your body is backed up in any way for an unreasonable amount of time you will have problems down the road.

Number 2

What’s reasonable you ask? Someone once told me that they have a bowel movement once a week. Just in case you’re wondering. This is insane! Ideally every time you eat you should eliminate shortly after. This assumes that you’ve eaten something before on a regular basis. (1- 3 meals per day).

If, however you eat for a week straight and do not have any bowel movements. You’ve essentially eaten an average of 14 meals (2/day x 7 days). Whatever you’ve eaten is just sitting in your colon rotting. Your brain in the meantime is freaking out, working overtime trying to figure out how t