How To Love - An Artists Necessity

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

When this topic entered my Amygdala, I didn’t realize that Valentines Day would be just around the corner. But since it is; this topic is well timed.

When you see a band perform and at the end of the concert they say

We Love You! - insert popular or back road city here”

What do they mean by that? I’ve always wondered. Is it just a cordial thing to say? I believe some but I’m doubtful of others. Anyway, what we’re going to look at today is Love in music. How does love benefit you as an artist?

I could give you a safe preamble and ease you into the thick of this B(L)og post. Yeah I could and I’d rather not. So let’s set the pace by going straight into the goods.

Sex Art & Love Misconstrued

The ground rules are as follows:

A man acting like a woman has nothing to do with feminine expression or energy.

A woman acting like a man has nothing to do with masculine expression or energy.

We’ll revisit the above in a few paragraphs. Hold tight!

They are both distorted assimilations. Convincing enough at first glance to appear logical and thus go unchallenged and unscrutinised, gracefully sneaking by examination via it’s effectiveness at misdirecting the general public. Which if truly examined would expose it for what it is.

Exploitation of hyper/forced masculinity (which isn’t masculine at all), penis envy/feminism (which isn’t feminine at all), homosexuality, bisexuality, trans-sexuality, homoerotic humor, pornographic and pedophilia (Yes pedophilia! What do you think all these child molestation daytime talk shows are acclimatizing the global stage for?) the whole deal.

All have been among other things, hidden under the guise of artistic freedom. This is far too obvious and forced and ultimately has nothing to do with the definitive state of any of those classifications. It’s dumbed down and assumes stupidity. It’s human perversion in rare form. All incredibly effective at eradicating…………. Love!

By the way any human state that was created by a government action, corporation or organization is a general indicator of an attempt to corrupt, control and exploit anyone who’s willing to allow it.

Worst of all those who have been misguided by this perception will defend this thought process through lawful action and prosecution if necessary! Lovely isn’t it?

And for the robot thinkers out there; all living beings have a masculine and feminine principle present in them. The presence of one doesn’t denote the absence of the other. D‘accord!?

Good. Moving on….

So is there a difference between love and sex? Yes.

Sex can and commonly does occur without the presence of love. You knew that I know, however the common more appropriate term for sexual lovemaking is understood generally as sex! Now the full definition if the two are present is “sexual intercourse between to people who love each other”. Now that truly is rare. Even if two people love each other; Sex instigated by and as a result of love isn’t generally common. In fact, not only is it rare; We as a society have gone as far as to disregard it as possible in most cases and simply refer to that act as “passionate sex”! Now why is that?

Well. For the same reason we’d rather have liposuction than practice a healthy lifestyle. The same reason we play the lottery over the pursuit of creating wealth. The same reason most people can’t even have sex unless they ingest some form of pornographic provocation. The same reason condoms and birth control exist. The answer? Here’s a spoiler. The lack of Love!

A little more SEX Ed.

For those reading in the future. In many countries we are currently experiencing a health issue recognized under the name COVID-19. While it is manageable; many countries have limited human interactions by way of quarantining its citizens to their homes if possible. As you can imagine this has negatively affected the lively hood of many. To go further this has compromised the jobs of many traveling artists. Effectively removing them from their source of money. Many of these so-called “artists” have now been laid bare in exchange for their true identify. And with the rug pulled up from under them they’ve taken up a new trade. Sexual debauchery disguised as art!

There’s been quite a few DJ’s turn-sex workers as of late. We’re encouraged to refrain from calling it that however. Calling it art is preferable.

And now you can see the strangeness of it all.

Definition Please! sexuality noun: the sexual habits and desires of a person

Can you have sexuality in art? Of course!

Can you have love art and sexuality? Yep!

Can you have dysfunctional repressed sexual desires that ought to be addressed by a practicing professional carelessly shoehorned into an artistic framework? Onlyfans anyone?

I Don’t Get It! Why Did You Even Bring Up Sex Again?

To recapitulate. Love has been used as an excuse to use sexual misconduct in many modern artworks of our time. It offers a work that would typically be categorized as pornographic but duplicitously branded as artistic as to avoid the stigma of the prior. That reasoning is dishonest, scandalous and harmful to the integrity of music as an art form.

Alright Well What Is Love Then?

Love is the following and more:

· Nurturing

· Care

· Attentiveness

· Seeing what needs to be done before it happens

· Expression

· The absence of language within or without language!

· Preparing and looking after anything in it’s infant stages until it has matured.