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Medical Media - A Theoretical Conversation - (AI)ntuition Part.II - B(L)og 017

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

At a social gathering a conversation was struck between two influential business taste-makers and it went a little something like this.

Phil: You know, I’ve been looking at the future of my industry and there’s only so many phones, applications, smart TV’s and such that we can sell. We’re not creating any serious profit margins.

Anthony: Yep! I hear you. Folk are dying everyday and we have a number of clients on our long term medications but no one thing is really creating a profit like the old days. Our resources are being distributed among too many small products. I hate to say it but I wish there was a disease that affected everyone equally.

Phil: That’s a morbid thought but I know what you mean. Too many small products and no cash cow. Most of our clients are attracted to free media and selling personal information isn’t as valuable as the good ole days. Everyone is too predictable and not worth the cost of the intel. The research and development cost are really doing a number on us too!

Anthony: Tell me about it!!!!

Phil: It’s funny that you say that though because there is something that I’ve been working on. I really believe that if I could get everyone on a permanent virtual platform it would be easier to get them to spend the majority of their time and money there. If they saw that space as a valuable place to be that is. That’s the tough part.

Anthony: What profit do you see in that venture?

Phil: Well think about it. Buying real world physical items has become out of reach for many. And we’ve already made the mistake of giving our clients too much media for free. But what we do know is that our technology is additive and our clients can’t live without it. So if we emphasized the value of staying on our services we could eventually create a pay-to-stay business model.

Anthony: You mean a virtual world that’s more affordable and attractive than a physical existence?

Phil: That’s exactly it! A place where you can buy virtually anything! Land, respect, security a desirable reputation……love! Anything!

Anthony: Sounds boring to me but what’s you’re projected timeline?

Phil: I was looking at about 70 years.

Anthony: Spoken like a true futurist. I don’t have that kind of time. My industry is on the rocks.

Phil: Don’t get me wrong, there’s only so long that I can do my dog and pony show too but I can’t beat time.

Anthony: We’ll since we’re here let me propose this to you. It seems like your biggest competitor is the real world. It’s in your way. I could expedite that for you if we work together and share the profits indefinitely.

Phil: I’m listening.

Anthony: Not close enough or you would have realized that our need is the same. I told you that I wish there was something that would affect everyone equally. That doesn’t mean that I don’t already have a few in the cue. I just need a reason to distribute them.

Phil: Too vague for me.

Anthony: I could create an ongoing health crisis that would make people lose their appetite for human interaction as we know it within 5 years’ tops. Could you have your virtual world ready to go by then?

Phil: Could I ever! I wish we had this conversation in the 80’s! But before I get too enthusiastic let me ask you this. Could you stop your little disease if you wanted to? I mean how dangerous would it be?

Anthony: It’s funny how the concerns that you have for others are never applied to your own business. My daughter can’t keep herself off of her “smart” phone and her self-esteem is gone! I did my part by keeping her on anti-depressants but you don’t see me asking if you could stop what you’ve started do you? But to answer your question. You can never truly be sure what the human body can tolerate. But as we’ve proven over and over, with time we can effectively manage all maladies. That’s the premise of our industry if you haven’t noticed.

Phil: Fair enough. I didn’t mean to touch a nerve. No pun intended! I’m just trying to see how things would play out over the years. So back to business. I could definitely ensure that our clients would need your services. In truth I do need our technology to be both ingested and surgically implanted in order to work as intended to ensure the best experience possible. Safely of course. Actually, that’s what I initially wanted to speak to you about but we’re on a more intriguing path now. Is that enough of a counter offer for you?

Anthony: Quality of life through maintenance is our business. I think we have the makings of a deal! The governments will have to be paid off as usual. I don’t think they’ll go for this one though. Their assets will become dormant. Literally asleep in your world. Which brings me to another question. How will users of your platform earn any type of living to pay for your programing? They’ll be too addicted to get off and go to work won’t they? I’m sure you’ve thought of that haven’t you?

Phil: Somewhat. But not completely up until you added your piece to the puzzle. What I would say just off the cuff would be that users could work in the virtual world. With the exception of some jobs that need a physical person to complete. But that’s few and far between if you think about it. Most people can do their job remotely. Not only that. This platform will create several jobs that were never possible before. Remember we need to maintain security, real-estate, energy, entertainment; everything that happens right now has to be replicated and maintained on our platform. That means a job for everyone if they want it. We can effectively end unemployment as well as employment restrictions. Our borders will be virtual. Our users can work anywhere! Any virtual country they want. If you promise to keep them incentivized to stay on my platform, I’ll send them back to you for “maintenance” as you put it. And with the means to pay for it too! Oh and by the way. I’m quite sure the governments will be more than willing to be onboard. The investment will pay for itself at this rate.

Anthony: I think you’re right! I suppose what I meant is that there really won’t be any turning back once things are initiated.

Phil: Nope. But think about how our conversation started. There already is no turning back. And just out of curiosity; Do you have a better proposal?

Anthony: ………………… I guess I’m just concerned about the survival of humanity going forward.

Phil: Spoken like a true futurist.

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