It’s A B(L)og - Inaugural Post –– Studio Tour!!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

What up! I’ve been held to a promise to do a studio tour. While I’m such a private person and I don’t really enjoy anyone up in my personal mix; I did want to show my workspace along with how it’s setup up to suit my creative needs. I just couldn’t find a way to do it that would do the space any justice. A traditional video tour wasn’t doing it for me. A verbal description wouldn’t cut it nor would pictures. But…………. A combination of all the above! Well now we’re talking! Enter The Daydream Sound B(L)og! A space where we can take our time and explore various topics at leisure. Spending time here won’t knock a hole in your data plan on your mobile device. You can scroll till your hearts content and enjoy the creative content on display here. You can come back at anytime and pick up where you left off. Graceful perusement at its best!

B(L)og = Blissful logbook

Q: But Yohance!!! How often will you update this B(L)og Huh? How often?

A: Well I’m glad you asked! I’m shooting for once a month. If the inspiration hits me possibly more. We’ll see! Q: So how will I know when you post? I like being here but I got stuff to do.

A: Since my monthly newsletter keeps the same schedule let’s align it with that. When your email notification lights up with a monthly message from me; You’ll know it’s B(L)og time!

A2: And you can also RSS! The icon is somewhere here on the B(L)og page.

Q: Newsletter?? I had no idea! How do I get added TDS Huh? How?

A: You didn’t know?!! You’ve been missing out on a lot! Here you go!

Well I was supposed to be doing a #studiotour wasn’t I? Yep I was. So without anything further I wanna thank you for spending a moment with me and with that…….. Let’s get at it!



So This room was designed by my Dad and I. I drew up the floor plan, acoustical structures and power requirements and my Father dearest built it all!!!! He’s great! We took a whole lotta trips to Home Depot and had a lot of Father son arguments… I mean discussions about the materials and design elements that would become the final design.

Structural Design

The rooms are completely lined with two layers of drywall. I should mention that there’s two rooms. They are kinda decoupled. The floors are parquet tiles that are independent between them. We’ll get into the second room later on but for now just know that the two rooms are partitions by a sliding door. A patio door no less. They’re surprisingly pretty great at attenuating sound from one room to another. Once I slide the door shut it’s really difficult to hear anything in the other room.

I guess we gotta talk a bit more about insulation huh? There’s Rockwool/Fiberglass insulation everywhere. In the walls, in the ceiling, between the studs. Ev-er-y-where! On top of that. Guess what we used to make the acoustic absorption panels? Oh yeah fiberglass! The absorption panels are made of a wooden grid attached to the walls of each room. The cavities of each grid were fitted with fiberglass and then covered with fabric from the textile store.

I wanted the main room to be relatively live and a bit rambunctious when needed. That’s not to say that I had did any technical measurements to know what the end result would be. I just used my own judgement of what a room this size would sound like if it was partially covered with insulation. The result was pretty good. I could (and do) work in this room all day and my ears never feel exhausted the way they did when I worked out of my living area. Which brings me to this centre-bar topic.

“Get yourself a dedicated work area. It doesn’t matter where. Just create one. Your music will benefit so much from it!” For more on why; check out: Episode 64 - Where Have I Been Lately? – The Samplers Podcast

Heating & Cooling

I needed this room to be as quiet as possible so there’s absolutely no HVAC in here at all. You’d think that’s crazy right? You’d be right! And there’s an easy fix to it all. I work with the studio door open which is enough to heat or cool this entire space easily. When I need critical levels of silence I just close the door and work away. I prefer this instead of the constant bustle of air moving through vents that I’d be hearing if we ran any ducts in here. Commercial venues get to use massive ducts that carry air quietly but that wouldn’t fly here.


Now power is one of those important things that if overlooked will cheese you off to no end. So to save myself the headache, two sources of power where put in here. General shared power for various miscellaneous stuff, and a dedicated circuit of power for the studio equipment. This arrangement minimizes a lot of problems with ground hum and all types of interferences that can be heard when your studio power is shared with something random, like your kitchen blender!

2 Rooms

There’s two rooms in here. One is the main room where I spend the majority of my time. The second room was initially a vocal booth but now acts as a machine room and remote instrument space. Why? Well I can’t stand having any computer near me. Not only because they’re crazy noisy, but the further I can keep a radiation emitting electronic device away from me the better. You gotta do better when you know better. But anyway.

Keeping things that inherently make noise in that room keeps my room silent when I want it. As far as the remote instrument part goes. Anything that makes noise like guitar amplifies lives in there. It’s also a space for gear that doesn’t need to be right next to me. More on that later.



I never intended on having two pairs of monitors but it’s ended up that way. The smaller set are a pair of 2 way ADAM A3X’s with 3” drivers and ribbon tweeters. These are pretty much what I use 99% of the time. I think they’re hugely underrated on account of their size. They’ve also been overshadowed by the success of the A7Xs. They just get the mid-range detail right. The high end is fairly smooth and nowhere near hyped at all and they have surprisingly good representation at 60Hz. I did the majority of “History Never Gets Old” switching between these and headphones in my living room about 15ft way from me.

I generally like quiet. I’ve spent so many years with ridiculously loud audio. I remember the many times I found myself leaning up against a stack of W-Bins at an outdoor party on a Caribana weekend with a drink in hand and a girls’ head nestled into my shoulder while watching our clothes move from the air that the bass bins were dissipating. I’m older now and less amused by that sort of thing. The detail of silence is the absolute business these days!