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The Manifestation Guide - A Reality Check for Musicians B(L)og 015

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Well here we go! I’ve never heard the word “manifest” so much within the last decade. Well that’s not true. I once worked at a fashion company that used Manifests for shipping orders. I heard the word “MANIFEST” about a million times a day back then!

Anyway back on topic. You’ve been manifesting all of your life. Trust me you’re a pro at it. What are the tips and tricks or keys to manifesting intentionally today; especially when so many seem to fail at it? That’s what we’re going to cover today. And we’re going look at it from a musicians’ standpoint.

What Does The World Say?

Common sayings are everywhere and they point towards the keys to manifesting anything. Take a look at the following quotes:

“You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for.” - Anonymous

“Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.” - Theodore Roosevelt

“Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort in your life makes all the difference.” - Anonymous

“Don’t put in half of the effort unless you’re okay with half of the results.” - Anonymous

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” - Winston S. Churchill

Well What Does Religion Say?

The Bible - James 2:14-17

14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food,

16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?

17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

The Qur'an - 16:97

Whosoever does righteous deeds, male or female, who have faith, to such God will grant a higher existence in the hereafter that is good and pure. They will be rewarded according to the best of their actions.

Hinduism (the oldest recognized world religion)

The principles behind Dharma (acting in accordance with cosmic law) and Karma (action, work, or deed) covey a similar outlook on a greater scale which can span between past lives and the present.

Well TDS What Do You Say?

Who Me?

“Think about what you want to do……not too long…...……And do it! Make your actions fall inline with your thoughts”.

Complete and persistent thought in conjunction with complete and persistent action!

Manifestation requires the mental process and the other half of the fruit is the physical action component. That’s how you manifest.

All life guidance practices/religions address this and arrive at the same answer. Take the religious framework out of it and the process is the same. Why? Because it’s common sense. The answer is clear.

Remember, you’ve done this before and certainly been doing it all your life. How many times have you manifested your Christmas present as a child? You imagined yourself playing with it. You spoke to your parents (Santa Claus) as if you already knew they were going to put it under the tree for you. It was as real as homework to you and more often than not you got it on the 25th day of the 52nd week of the year. The missing key as we grow up is action based on what we’ve spent our time thinking about.

An open connector has all the capabilities excluding the power to act. A connection has to be made between your thoughts/desires and your actions, which are a physical confirmation that you really want what you say your want.

Hold On. What Does Manifest Really Mean?

To Manifest can be restated as:

1. readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight.

2. easily understood or recognized by the mind: obvious.

3. to make evident or certain by showing or displaying.

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Here’s What Actions Are Not Going To Work Out Well For You.

1. Yes, taking action based on your desired thoughts are the way but here’s the type of actions you’d do well to avoid.

2. Persistently buying samplers while manifesting a music career without using that gear persistently.

3. Seeking online attention and believing that attention equates to a living as an artist.

4. Craving all the benefits of being an artist without managing the details that supports it.

You gotta do the same thing you’re thinking in order to get the manifestation completed. If you’re thinking one way and acting another, you’ve for certain granted yourself a one-way express ticket to disappointsmentsville!

But You Don’t Get It Yohance! I’m Spiritual!

I’m quite certain you are.








All Religions and regimented cultural/racial disciplinary self-improvement practices and beliefs (including Atheism)

These are all aids to help you clarify your path through life. They are not going to do the work for you.

Well How Can I Manifest Stuff In My Music Career Then Smarty Pants?

In regards to your matriculation through the musical arts; If you’re going to manifest, you have to manifest it all! You have to walk the thought. Success and effective progress in music is based on thoughts and…. Real work! And often with no apparent reward at first. Especially if you haven’t realized what the reward might actually be like in your life.

For Example. Let's assume you want to be a music producer. So you begin to think about what being a producer will be like. You envision yourself as a producer as clear as day. Well with that established, what do your days look like? Do you continue on with your regular life activities as you did prior to your manifestation journey? Wouldn't it be better to find practical real world things that you could do to align your ambitions within your daily activities? Your conversations? Your relationships? Your free time?.........

You get the point right? It would be best to include your manifestation destination in the major physical areas of your current life. Remember practical activities (and I would add logical) is important here. Don't go blabbing about your manifestation plans to people who you know don't care! Unless that works for you! Who knows but you.

Well What Does Success In Music Typically Look Like?

Long hours in the recording studio.

No explanation needed. No typical social life for you. Forget what it looks like in the media. In the real world it’s long hours, odd fun and ear fatigue!

Compromised marital relationships.

Are you prepared to manage your relationships with the same care as you do your music career? If it comes down to it; Would you choose one over the other?.............. What would you do if your significant other refuses to be onboard with your endeavors?

Continuous challenges to an underdeveloped ego.

When your competitors are clearly better than you and your perceived audience lets you know that publicly. Are you able to deal with that constructively?

Uncertainty, uncertainty………. And; oh yeah uncertainty.

Things will change all the time within the art form. Are you prepared to roll with technology? Let’s say Trap/Drill House, EDM IDM & Boombap/Rap Music go out of style tomorrow. What else could you do to survive as a musician? What do you see yourself doing when you’re 80 years old?

Misunderstandings between you and the world at large.

Musicians are artists; and artists aren’t typically regarded as normal folk. Are you prepared to stand your ground in that regard?

The ultimate reward of doing what you’ve chosen to do!

There’s nothing better than being able to create music and have the public at large recognize you positively for it. At least for me!

Does there need to be so many negatives? Well no. Especially if you've thought about all of this while manifesting. It’s all about how you choose to see them I suppose………….

But…. "To Each Their Own"

Now here’s where it gets better. You will be able to manifest in certain areas of your life far easier than others. Why? You tell me? You’re in charge of you right? But just in case you really want to know; Here’s a bit of Astrology for you.

To get a better grasp on what you’re supposed to be doing in this lifetime and where you’ll have a bit of help, get a hold of your birth chart and have a look and note the position (The Sign, House and Degree) of the following:

Where is your: Jupiter - Will tell you what things you’ll have not much of a problem getting more of in life (for better or worse by the way). North Node/Dragons Head - Will let you know what you ought to focus on in this life! Mid-heaven M.C /10th House - Will let you know which career path you will thrive in and how you'll be regarded in the eys of the public.

Saturn - While you will be ultimately rewarded for your troubles; Saturn will let you know what things you need to tighten up on as well as the areas of life where you'll initially be tested within this incarnation aka. Your life!

You see! Astrology is just an aid. You can use it or not. It’s there if or when you need it. And as you can see based on the above you are indeed special. Not in that crazy super hero way we’d like to see ourselves; but in the sense that your path is yours. Nobody else but yours.

Manifesting things is largely dependent on your sense of well-being. In this video we go through it all from the mind, creativity and of course a bit of star knowledge.

Now I Bet Your Asking Yourself

"Doesn’t this sound like a mind game though? It’s really starting to look like focused hard work gets us what we want in life. Do we really need to attach all of this esoteric manifesting stuff to a logical procedure?"

Bingo! You said it not me! We accept explanations of phenomenon’s based on what’s needed for us to understand them. For some, a simple “Get to work!” will do. For others we need a little universal law to comprehend it all.

So to recap, act now as if you already have everything that you’re hopping to manifest in the future.

Thanks for reading! TDS

All rights reserved. Copyright 2021

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