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Why Do Old Musicians Hate The Current State Of Music Production? - B(L)og 023

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

At some point in life you’ll realize that you’re aging. Gracefully I hope; Yet inevitably time will enhance you in the form of growth. No part of your life can escape this process. So, what happens to your opinions about music? Better yet your regard for the current states of music as you age?

And if you’re of the younger variety of living being here’s a question for you? Don’t you get tired of older folk critiquing your era of music in a pessimistic way? Okay here’s another question. Do you ever wonder why they’re so crusty and jaded? Alright last question. Do you think that you’ll become just like these old Debbie Downers when you get older as a newer fresher younger crowd takes your current title of “Youth”?

Well that’s what where going to look at today. And by the way thanks a million for hanging out with me here on B(L)og 023.

#1 All Living Things Will Fade

We’re born we grow and flourish in a time period that is classically identified as our generation. That means there’s more than just you who belongs to this defining period. Millions and millions of kids are part of your generational fraternity. During these years many things become inherent and unique to you and your generational siblings. You will tend to share (among several other things) the same world view, trends, cultural circumstances, fashion and art. And that includes music. The music of a generation is one of those things that essentially defines our youth and on a larger scale our lives. The music that gets stuck onto us is a marker by which other generations remember us by.

Typically, the music of our given age group is something that we take pride in. It highlights the overall aesthetic that represents us in our youthful state. It’s a time capsule in rose coloured glasses!

So……… when you’re in your prime and all eyes are on you as “the children of the future”, everything is great! You along with your music are the centre of attention of the entire world! Well what happens when a brand-new group of upstarts take your place? What happens when you and the music of your generation gets old?

When you’re old and surrounded by a younger version of yourself. You can feel alone with no one too relate to. All your peers have grown out of music. Moved on to other stages of life or simply no longer living. This can cause you to despair and become bitter, alienated in a world that’s become foreign to you. Inherently you know you’ll never be young again. You also know that your musical era is passed and will never return as it was when you were young.

When what has been used to define you begins to fade. You can do many things, yet it’s not uncommon for one to become hateful towards the present.

A look into how time affects us during the duration of our lives.

#2 Give Me My Props!

Alright your old and crusty! We know! What’s more you got all these energetic young imps around you bragging about how they’re musical era is so original! Come on! This has got to burn your nerves right up! Original! Are you the only one who doesn’t see anything new here? As a matter of fact, you’ve heard it all before, haven’t you? Why? Because it’s a cheap knock off of the musical innovations of your generation’s music. But you can’t tell these juvenile ignoramuses that! You’ve tried and they don’t listen! They’re convinced that their musical era is the very beginning of all things good. And you! With your beer gut and excessive nose hairs are nothing to them but a shadow trying to claim the accomplishments of the current state of music. No one wants to give your generation its props for ushering in the music of today!

#3 I Wish I Had More Time!

Simply put your time is past. Even if you somehow found the time to make music; how much of an impact could you possibly make now? You can’t relate to today’s music and the listeners of today can’t tolerate your outdated music either. Time has passed you by. You missed your calling. Was it the job? The wife? The kids? The mortgage? Sickness? What stopped you from doing music in your prime? Doesn’t really matter now. All you see now are these kids with their whole lives ahead of them. They can do anything they want. But not you. All you know is you’re upset at the state of music now because it seems that there’s no room for you in it.

#4 Not You! Anybody But You!

So you try to take a different approach and teach the young folk about music. You try to show them the best way to be an artist. You show them tried and true methods. But guess what. They don’t want that! They want results that are quick and easy; Just like the music they like! They don’t see a point in the knowledge you’re passing down. As a matter of fact. You kinda have the feeling that these playful youngsters don’t really want you around. But why? You’re still cool right?........... Right? . . . . . Um no you geriatric fossil! Not You! Anybody but you! Yep that’s enough to make you highly annoyed at the current state of music.

All living things age and fall subject to the rotations of the Earth. So what happens now?

What Now?

What do you do to avoid falling into this state? Well if there’s anything that I could offer; it's to realize that thankfully wisdom is one of the greatest gifts that we gain with age. Using that gift responsibly is a task that’s easy to fail. It’s easy to be bitter, hateful and jaded. Accepting that wisdom and being responsible enough to put it to great use is the way that I think is best. The truth is, you’re far more influential than you realize. Often times your actions alone are enough to make a positive difference. You’re smart enough now! Find a way to make your mark.

Thanks for reading! TDS

All rights reserved. Copyright 2022

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