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From The Daydream Sound I to Origin Of Silence many entries of my musical catalog have been discontinued for many years. Those who were able to get a copy of those early releases from 2002- 2015 are pretty lucky as they have a pretty rare item in their possession.


Included with those albums was an ongoing story called Passage To Alkebulan. With each of those early albums the chapters of the story were expanded. Now that those albums are no longer available the story became a missing commodity as well…… Until now.


The Gradient Text is the complete collecting of the first ten chapters of the Passage To Alkebulan; an ongoing tale of two twins Atsu and Karwin and their journey and life mission with in a realm long lost to us.


Included with these EBooks are bonus materials that were originally included with their accompanying albums.


In addition to all of that; The original production notes for each of the albums are included with each of their respective EBooks.


EBook Gradient Volume Contents

1. Passege To Alkebulan - Chapters 1-5

2. The Origin Of Silence - Chapters 6-8

3. Gold Revelation - Chapter 9

4. Formations In Rhythm - Chapter 10

Bonus Material Contents (MINI Kits)

1. Drums On Smash  WAV Format EXSample Kit

2. Gold Revelation Bonus Drum Kit

3. TDS Basic Sound Design

4. The Daydream Sound 13 bit Set


Passage To Alkebulan EBooks Series

  • digital pdf ebook

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