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A USB music storage format in a vintage cassette enclosure.

16 Gigabyte USB Digital Cassette Drive.
Full resolution 48khz/32bit audio includes digital download.


The Meaning Of All Things is an instrumental sample-based album by The Daydream Sound created by samples of outdoor city sounds samples, vintage and modern samplers and other miscellaneous instruments.


Available on Digital and Physical Releases

1. 50-page Production diary.

2. Production schedule notes.

3. Album artwork wallpaper for computer and mobile phone/tablet.


Additional material available only on Physical Releases

4. String instrument writing session. (video)

5. Mastering outboard processing procedure. (video)

6. Listening to raw tracks straight from the sampler. (video)

7. Sub-group Multi-track breakdown of one song.

8. The epilogue album of 3 demo songs.


The Meaning Of All Things - USB Drive w/Digital Download

  • 1.  16 Gigabyte USB Digital Cassette Drive of The Meaning Of All Things Album.

    2.  Includeds digital download of The Meaning Of All Things

    3. Additional bonus material not included on the digital only release.

    4. Signed & Labeled with your name in sustainable reusable packaging.

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