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Failed Relationships & Your Music Career - B(L)og 022

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Choices are everywhere and we have to make them. That’s a simple reality that we naturally understand as we go throughout life. But when it comes to a life and career in music something else often happens. Choices are made but they’re not always the best or even suitable ones. Principally in in the areas of relationships.

Relationships are one of the most vital and critical aspects of any musician’s life yet we artsy fartsy types just don’t see it that way…… until it’s too late of course. This is what we’re going to talk about today!

And by the way; Thanks a million for your interest in this music B(L)og! Glad you here!

Your romantic relationships can and will have a significant effect on the rate at which your music career accelerates. There’s no two ways about it. Your better half better be for the better. If not, you’ll simply have to pay for it. That’s it!

“How? In what ways? Please elaborate Yohance!”

Yep! I certainly will! Let’s go straight in with the extreme end of the penalty you could fall subject to and subsequently the inspiration for this topic even coming to me.

I was browsing through YouTube and came across a YouTuber that I followed but hadn’t heard from in awhile. Out of curiosity I went to his page to see what he was up to. His last video was from a little while back and I hadn’t seen it so I clicked on it. Everything seemed fine until I scrolled down to the comments section to find out that he had taken his life.

“Well that definitely explains his absence doesn’t it?”

Those were my thoughts. And I wanted to know why. He always seemed like the most cheerful person online. So I continued to look through the comments to find out some more. I didn’t have to look to far. It was all in the threads. It all began when his wife left him. He had made several previous attempts over time and this final one was the one where he succeeded.

“Choices!” I thought to myself. That’s how all these things kinda begin and end. I closed out of the video and began to recall my own life experiences. I’ve never had any remote interest in going to that extreme for any situation I’ve encountered in life but who needs to even go there? On a median level; What decisions do I regret? Where could I have made a better choice? What role do relationships even play in today’s times? And how do they affect digital music artists?

Why Do Artists Need Relationships?

Let’s look at an excerpt from a short conversation between Henry Rollins and a European interviewer.

Interviewer: Maybe if you had a really nice girlfriend you’d have other priorities?

Henry Rollins: Maybe I would! And quite honestly I wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend!

I’ve forgotten what it’s like. I haven’t had a girlfriend since 1988 or something. Since then it’s been little hit and run adult excursions. Quite honestly most women bore me. You know? If they smoke! I’m turned off! If they drink! I’m outta there! If they’re stupid I’m bored. If they’re mean, I’m bored. If they try to use me I’m outta there! So I guess I’m very picky. If they don’t workout I’m not interested! If the mind is lazy and the body is lazy who cares?

Interviewer: You mean working out physically?

Henry Rollins: That’s right! If they’re not in shape?! Hey! Go be fat on someone else’s time!

He was indeed brutally candid in his response. But even if he wasn’t, the questions still prodded me to think.

“What on earth does an artist want from a woman? Like, enough to have one around full-time?”

And why hadn’t I even asked this question of myself from the get go in the past?

What Happens When You Fail To Make A Choice?

When you get yourself into a relationship with no particular aspirations in mind; you most likely will neglect to incorporate your artistry into that relationship. Relationships do require a lot of management. They can take over every aspect of your life quite easily. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if the demands of a relationship cause you stop doing something that’s important to you………. Well then you’re in trouble. You will either self-sabotage yourself or blame yourself and your significant other for a lot of things that ultimately point to a mismanaged relationship. Eventually the relationship will sour and end.

What Are Women Good For?

Women often become a muse for us. If not directly through their presence indirectly through their unwavering belief and support for what we’re doing. When you have your wife/girlfriend believe in you more than you believe in yourself there’s nothing that can top that. That recognition alone will have you feeling like you can move a planet! And you most likely will!

Women are nature! Women are earth! Women are nutrition to a man! They just are! When functioning within a relationship correctly they provide an artist with a sense or endurance.

One the opposing end is the lack of nutrition. Starvation. Emptiness. This is where women can seem like an encumbrance. Pretty looking burdens that don’t really have any point to you! Why? Well you got it! You didn’t specify your reason for being in a relationship in the first place! You better figure that part out sooner than later.

Well What Do Women Get Out Of It?

They would get exactly what you’re offering of course! When I noticed that there are women out there who’s major aspirations are to be part of a business/family so that they could help it flourish through their contributions I was dumfounded! There’s literally so many women just like that out there!

“Yeah right buddy! Most women are out for themselves! What do you say to that Yohance!”

I’d say why even bother paying any attention to women who what something other than what you want and are able to offer? Find what you want and get it. If you want it!

What Do You Want & What Do You Need?

Some of us are solely driven from a need to contribute to society on a whole. If you’re like this, you may need or want absolutely no one! Any woman would seem like baggage to you.

Most of us however work best when there’s a definitive healthy relationship. At the very least it’s a gauge of your progress and effectiveness of your life efforts aka your music career! At most it’s the base of an incredible life and legacy that in the end makes a massive contribution to society as well!

Thanks you for reading!


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Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022

Interesting topic.

When I first met my wife a bit over 20 years ago, she was singing and recording her own songs in Cakewalk. At the time she really liked recording on my MPC3000 & EMU E5000. Until I replaced them both with an MPC4000. She didn't like the 4000! And wouldn't even give it a chance. Then I ended up not liking it either after discovering how bad its timing was.

These days she doesn't have as much interest in music anymore since our son was born. So it's becoming a bit more difficult. She wasn't too happy about me spending 3 months of lockdown building a 1m² studio under the stairs when I "should have be painting the…

Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022
Replying to

What up man!!! That's amazing!!! Yeah I can definitely see why she wasn't crazy about the 4000. I think you hit the nail on the head. It definitely is all about time management.

Thanks for reading!!!



Unknown member
Jun 16, 2022

With respect, how does this apply to artists that arent straight men?

Unknown member
Jun 17, 2022
Replying to

You are of course entitled to your opinions, and yes addressing one group is not to the detriment of another. Thats not what I was getting at.

You presented this article as being about failed relationships and your (my?)music career. You seemed to be trying to answer the questions: What role do relationships even play in today’s times? And how do they affect digital music artists?

But when you take into account that women artists exist, all of your points unravel.

To say it another way, it seemed like you were trying to get to the bottom of these very general, very universal questions about artists and relationships but you didnt go very deep into thinking about it.

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