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The Psychology Of Low Level Music - Why Does Mentally Eroding Music Exist? - B(L)og 024

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

In a space where information can pass from person to person faster than cars on a highway; What will a musician do to gain recognition? More importantly what will they put up with in order to maintain it? That’s what we’re looking at in this 24th edition of The Daydream Sound B(L)og. Glad you’re here!

I’m certain you’ve seen a musician in a music video or simply listened to their music and thought to yourself:

“Is this how they’re really choosing to express themselves? It seems a bit forced.”

In most cases I’d say your observations are right on the money. I think artists who choose to publicly demean themselves for the sole purpose of gaining attention through their music have more going on than simply marketing themselves. These types have gotten so clever at this tactic, that to critique their conduct has been deemed above reproach. Crazy eh?

So, without anything further; In coarse form. Here’s what I think of the pathology that leads to this common artistic behaviour.

Oh, by the way I’m going to use “You” as the wayward artist in question. I don’t know how you got to be this way but I’m not judging you. Thanks for volunteering though!

Where Do We Begin?

When you are generally ignored by society at large you will have a low regard for how you present yourself because internally, you feel that no one cares about your actions or existence anyway………. So why should you?

You begin to see yourself as inadequate or invisible to society. Inept of contributing anything of worth or value (this is all too common with artists of all sorts). So, in an effort to promote your music, you engage in over-the-top behaviour that will get you noticed.

The music you make exemplifies your view of yourself. In addition, you’ve begun to present yourself in the guise of how you think society sees you.

Slowly or quickly, you become recognized for the absurdity of your music. Yet, it is seen by the general public as honest and sincere. An intriguing window into the mind of a dysfunctional musician.

You and your music have now truly become the baseline to be better than by society. The lowest they will allow themselves to sink is just above the characterization presented in your music.

Even so; whenever your new found listeners feel like completely letting loose, your low-level music becomes the soundtrack. Thus, low level music thrives even though it is consumed mostly by people who don’t intrinsically share the same hardships or outcaste reality that your creations depict. However, unlike you, they can disassociate themselves at their leisure and return to their designated status. They wouldn’t be caught dead acting in low-level behaviour in their societal circles.

In the meantime, you’ve become accepted and are acknowledged to an extent for your low-level art. You may also be celebrated for this accomplishment as well; albeit tongue in cheek. As long as you stay in your place you can now participate in social activities that were once unavailable to you.

You feel this but bury the reality in exchange for your perceived acceptance and inclusion by those who seemingly support you.

This entire process can be so subtle in its unfolding that it often goes unrecognized. Popular music is rife with examples of artists who on some or all levels exemplify this pathology.

Are These Listeners Okay? Are You?

In this light, the action of listening to mentally eroding music can be seen as a guilty indulgence. Like pornography and all other forms of debauchery, it is consumed on a carnal level. To a degree, its listeners are addicted to its allure. It represents an outlet for their repressed desires. Desires that aren’t openly accepted in their everyday life.

This very reality may also eventually show itself as misplaced scorn towards the musician (in this case you) as the listener realizes that they in fact deeply identify with the very music that they know can sever the ties to their social standing if embraced entirely. They may even question if they are even as virtuous as they are thought to be. Odd thoughts of social imposter syndrome delicately wrapped in the fear of being discovered one day.

All this, while you’re in your studio catering to your audience for their attention. But even you aren’t free from being affected negatively. Your shame comes from the knowledge that your actions don’t truly represent you or your artistic potential. You’re acutely aware that your close friends and family who know you expect better of you. So, you opt to surround yourself with more accepting “yes people” in an effort to absolve yourself from your internal moral conflict. With that in place, you can now freely embrace your created musical persona. A true example of “life imitating art”.

Sounds tiring to me. Why would you go through all of that just to be acknowledged by people who you initially thought didn’t care about you? What else could you have done?

Well The Reality Is………

The reality is. You are far better than societies sadistic standards that you’ve imposed on yourself. Your current listeners have shown you the terms that they will accept you on. Would you do that to anyone else if the roles were reversed? Your goal is to refine your behavior no matter where you are on the totem pole of life. If you have the ability to make people acknowledge your low-level music, then you certainly have the ability to bypass their scrutiny and improve for your own betterment. You've already proven that your ability to draw an audience is definitely present. Why not set the best example you can? Be the best example you can?

Present yourself and your music and your business in the best light Your Online Artist/Producer Appearance - B(L)og 011

Check 1, 2, On & On & On

Here’s a good checklist to keep you inline with your artistic integrity:

1. Let people identify with the best of you and your character.

2. Present your music in the best way possible!

3. Present yourself in the best way possible!

4. Present yourself online in the best way possible!

5. Speak in the best way possible!

6. Use excellence and refinement as your identity profile. Your moral measuring stick is not defined by what people expect from you. But by you!

7. Be cognizant of the fact that you are being watched by younger people. You need to set the best example of excellence that you can.

8. Don’t be eager to be a moron! It’s not worth the attention you will get from people who aren’t comfortable seeing you as anything better.

Crosscheck your actions against this list to keep yourself in check. Why? Because as stated before; Even against your better judgement, this type of compromising behaviour can sneak up on you before you even realize it. There is a basic need in all of us to belong, and it can be very seductive. You may find yourself craving that desire so bad that you’ll engage in self-deprecating behaviour just to satiate that need. Innocently at first, but soon after; deliberately and rasher as you find yourself overcome by the desire to be acknowledged.

All I can tell you is that it never ends well once you go down that path. You will be consumed like bubble gum. And similarly discarded as soon your flavour is gone. It’s best to be yourself. It’s far more interesting, and it’s easier and more gratifying to market yourself that way.

Energetically speaking. Low-level music truly can ruin your intellect, vitality and overall health on many levels that you mightn’t have considered as yet. We’re certainly seeing endless examples of that in our world right now.

Lastly. Create music that enhances the brain rather than erodes it. Music is education. Music is story. Music is power. Make sure you create responsibly.

Alright. You are now released from your role of “court jester” and can return to being and intelligent reader of The Daydream Sound B(L)og! You’ve been a great sport!

Thanks for reading!


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Sep 15, 2022

How do you know when your music is "low-level"?

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